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    We started Too North Records in 1984. Having been a collector for several years I found that as I traveled I would come across many items that would be of interest to people. I decided to start picking these items up and placing ads in various music trade papers to subsidize my own habit. As time has passed Too North has evolved into the online business that it is now. I still travel around to record fairs and different cities looking for interesting items to sell on the site. Which is why we have a large selection of collectible items.

    At Too North Records we try to serve not only the hardcore collector but the average everyday music fan. We carry a large variety of music and hard to find collectible items. Once you have checked out are vast site, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


    If you wish to purchase an item please e-mail us and we can tell you the availability of that item. Our Listings are kept up to date, but we do reserve orders for up to 21 days. There is a possibility that the item may be on hold for someone else. 

    For payments of your orders we accept certified cheques and money orders (US, Canadian, International, Bank and Postal). When sending a money order from the USA please ensure it is an International US Money Order. We do not recommend sending cash! We are not responsible if it is lost. If do decide to take a chance we advise you to send it registered mail or via courier. We will also accept Personalize Cheques however there will be a delay in your parcel being shipped as your check will have to clear at the bank. Sorry we are not set up for Credit Cards, but we do except Paypal.

  Additional payment information for Canadian and US customers

Canadian Customers: If you prefer we can ship to you COD. The cost for COD's are the total of your order plus $8.00 for COD charges and the cost of the postage. GST will be added to all Canadian customer orders and invoice provided upon request.

With all orders please enclose a clear copy of your order along with your name & address. Please make out all payments to....... Too North Records.

Too North Records
Bridlewood RPO
Post Office Box 69017
Calgary Alberta
T2Y 4T9


Canada: We ship via Canada Post, expedited with insurance and tracking number.  Please e mail for rates.

USA:  We ship via Canada Post, expedited with insurance and tracking number. We can also ship via air mail with insurance but no tracking number. Please e mail for rates.

Overseas: If you live over seas please inform us of what country you live in so we can advise you of the current postage rates. 

Insurance: We can insure your order. For Insurance it cost an extra $1.00 for every $100.00. When you order please inform us if you would like this option.


    Too North will do exchanges only, no refunds. We will only take back purchased goods that have a legitimate manufacture defect. (We will not take back items for reasons such as....."I don't like the music"," I bought the wrong item", or "I don't like the photo on this picture disc"- etc.)
If you do have a legitimate reason for returning an item we must be notified immediately and your purchase must be returned within 30 days.
    If we have another copy of the item purchased we will issue a straight exchange only. If the item is a one of a kind, you can choose something else of equal value. If the cost is greater you are responsible for the difference.
If by some chance there isn't anything of interest we will issue a credit voucher that will be good for up to one year.    
    When sending merchandise back it must be properly package. If we receive goods damaged from being improperly package such as.....record sleeves with dented corners, chipped vinyl etc. Depending on the damage it will be deducted from the exchange.
We stand firm on our policy which is non negotiable & there will be no exceptions made. -
Too North Records


All our stock is new. Anything that is in "Used Condition" the location of the grade is found at the end of the line just before the amount. It will first show the condition of the sleeve and then the condition of the record. The grades are as follows.............

New is a brand new un-played record

M (Mint). This means New Condition. Perhaps played once or twice and no markings on the surface, sleeve or label.

M- (Mint Minus). This means the item has been played a few times with very minor markings and very slight sleeve wear.

Ex (Excellent). This means the record has been played an average amount, but was well looked after. It may show surface marks that affects the play slightly. The sleeve will also show wear.

Vg+ (Very Good Plus). This means the record is again obviously used with a fair amount of surface and sleeve wear. The label will also show wear. The record will play though the listener will have to put up with surface noise.

Vg (Very Good). This means the record is very worn. The sleeve will also be very worn or have some damage to it. This condition is for someone who wants it for collectible sake and will likely wish to upgrade when possible. It will play.

Abbreviations used on the site........
AUSSIE - Australia
CDN - Canada
CUT OUT - is a diagonal cut on one of the sleeve corner
DIFF - different
EP - titled of the record
EP + - titled of the record (+) states the amount of tracks
ETCHED - has a design engrave on the vinyl
G/F - gatefold sleeve
HOLE PUNCHED - is a hole that goes through the front & back sleeve
LP - long play record
LTD ED - limited edition
LTD ED NO'D - limited edition numbered
No P/S - no picture sleeve
OBI - is a wrap around information label strip unique only to Japanese imports
PIC DISC - picture disc
PIC LABEL - picture on the record label
P/S - picture sleeve
SHAPED PIC DISC - record cut into various designs with a picture in the vinyl
SLV - sleeve
S/S - still sealed
S/T - self titled album
12" - the size of the record but has two tracks
12" + - the size of the record (+) states the amount of extra tracks
UK - united kingdom
USA - united states
WOL - writing on record label
WOS - writing on sleeve

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